Let’s Get on the Topic of Our Kitchen’s

The kitchen is one of the most used place’s in our homes. I have found so many great kitchen gadgets that have helped me from starting the organizing process to just holding my wet dishes!

Just a side note…this is my goal kitchen!! It is absolutely gorgeous!!

When I began my organizing journey, I started with under my sink! I always got so tired of having to scrounge around all these different sprays and homemade concoctions just to get to the disinfectant spray or the dishwasher tabs! I decided to order up this simple under sink organizer (Under Sink Organizer). This allowed me to create a functional space underneath my sink! I have all of my green scrubby pads, my disinfectant sprays and smaller cleaning supplies all in one place, with a completely functional drawer that I can pull out to see what I have! I absolutely love it, and my husband was actually extremely impressed by the clean-up!

I then moved on to the top of my sink! I of course ordered up some of the wonderful Scrub Daddy Sponge’s only the best sponges in the world for scrubbing those sinks (which I also keep in my under sink organizer, I am telling you, that thing is great and a time saver)! ANYWAYS, we needed a dish rack! The one we had, had been in the house WAY before me and it was time for it to go, BUH-BYYEEE!!! So I scoured the internet looking for a functional and inexpensive option! It seems as if there are so many options, but who wants to pay $70 for a damn dish rack! I landed on this one Expandable Dish Drying Rack after looking over all of my options (including the basic one you can get from Walmart or Target)…this one is expandable and is made to fit whatever space you have in your kitchen! It has worked out for our needs and I can’t say enough positive things about this thing!

The next area of my kitchen that I tackled was the DREADED pantry! How can you make sure food is rotated properly, you aren’t losing money on food that is expired because you lost it in your pantry and you can visibly see everything?? (I don’t know, you tell me and we will both know **another shoulder shrug emoji**) JK! I honestly have not found the best possible way to organize my pantry, but I can recommend some things that have GREATLY helped me get a little closer to it!

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